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               Sunday Club                                 ST MARY’S PASTORAL CARE TEAM

St. Mary’s Church, Cleobury Mortimer                       Do you know someone who has been admitted
Games - Learn about Jesus - Have Fun                       to hospital ? Someone who has recently

Sunday Club is available to all children who can attend the moved into the community ? Someone asking
Market Hall on a Sunday morning at 9.45am for an hour of for home communion? Someone you haven’t
Fun, games and learning.                                   seen for a while ? Someone you are concerned

Parents DO NOT need to attend but permission is required   about ?

for Children.                                              If you would like a member of the St Mary’s

                                                           Pastoral Care team to visit someone you know,
Please note that a Parent or Guardian must                 please fill in a Congregation Care Sheet which can

               make contact with Sunday Club               be found on the notice board at the back of the
                    Team on the first visit.               church, put it into one of the addressed envelopes,

                                                           seal it and put it into the post box on the Market
                                                           Hall wall or contact Mark Daborn on 07857
               Sunday mornings 9:45 - 10:45am
               All children with Key Stage
               1 & 2 welcome (5 - 11 years)                514909.

                                                           All referrals will be treated confidentially.

                                                                                                                                            TiGi Stockists

. Spire

Cleobury WI was so pleased to present a cheque for         Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Hairdressers
£200 to Cleobury First Responders towards their
scheme car. Thank you to everyone who came to                        Advanced cutting trained
enjoy the winter warmer soup lunches which                   16 Church Street, Cleobury Mortimer
helped fundraise. In March we were shown by local
                                                                 For Appointments:
                                                                  Tel 01299 - 270821

osteopath James Smith with the help of his                          THANK YOU
daughter as a model patient how osteopathy uses a

gentle hands on approach to treat a            variety of  Many thanks to everyone who donated towards the
muscle and joint conditions. The April         meeting is  Easter Lilies, in memory of loved ones.

7.30pm on Tuesday 12th at the Market Hall when The lilies are not always out fully on Easter
                                                           Sunday but do give a really good show for several
we will be having a go at T'ai Chi with Rose Jacks;        weeks afterwards.

visitors are welcome.                                      The church will be open on Easter Saturday,

More information from Judy Sant 01299 270983 or Sunday and Monday if you wish to see the floral                                       arrangements made by the team, and we will be
                                                           serving Hot Cross buns, cakes, tea and coffee.

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