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List of Incumbents

Taken from Fletcher, W.G.D. (ed) (1915) Shropshire Parish Registers, Diocese of Hereford vol. XVI, Shropshire Parish Register Society - and updated

Year Incumbent
1278 Master Thomas de Linggeyn, Rector of Neen Solars, ordained subdeacon (Priest, 1280).
1314 Richard le Fort. Patron, Sir Roger de Mortimer. 1320. Richard de Wytton, rector, had leave of absence for one year while in attendance on Roger Mortimer of Wigmore.
1341 William Lodelowe. Presented by the King, the Honour of Mortimer being then in his hands.
1342 Sir Richard Nowell. (In 1346, Richard David, rector, had leave of absence for a time while in attendance upon the Countess of March.)
1350 Master Robert de Malley, late Rector of Sheriff's Upton, having exchanged for Neen Solars.
1356 Richard Nowell, re-exchanged.
1361 John de Cleobury, late Rector of Flamstead, having exchanged. Patron, the King as Guardian of the heir of Roger de Mortimer.
1362 William de Gurdewell (Curdewall), res. 1385. (Curdwall is a hamlet of Cleobury Mortimer).
1385 Richard de Welyngton, ordained Deacon in 1385, who exchanged with
1418 Sir William de Egginton, late Vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, died 1456. Neen Sollars Registers. vii.
1456 Nov. 27. Master John Tapton, M.A., presented bv Richard, Duke of York. Resigned 1458.
1458 Sept. 27. Sir William Reux, chaplain. Sir Oliver Pole, resigned 1506. He was instituted to Ludlow, 25 Febr.,1511-12, but resigned 1518.
1506 June 18. Sir Thomas Wilkes, chaplain. Patron, the King.
1531 Apr. 6. Sir Richard Luce, priest, presented to Neen Solars " cum sacello de Myleston " by the King. (He is named in the Valor of 1534-5, and signs the list of Church goods in 1553).
1587 the living was vacant. A second Sir Richard Luce was instituted to Coreley in 1614.
1630 June 20. Edward Pitt (? B.A. of Lincoln College, Oxford). Patron, Fitz William Coningsby. The living was sequestered under the Commonwealth in 1646. the Rector being charged with drunkenness, but he lived to return.
1646 " One Aylirt," an intruder.
1660 Edward Pitt, restored 1660, died 1673.
1673 Oct. 7. Charles Hinckesman, M.A., Trinity College, Oxford. Patron : Thomas Bur)-, gen. Died — February I70.V1-
1704 Oct. 21. Thomas Jones, B.A. Patrons: Silvester Shaw, clerk, and Sara his wife. Died 29 December 1752
1753 Feb. 17. Edward Baugh. B.A, Balliol College, Oxford. Richard Knight of Ludlow, patron. Son of Edward Baugh of Ludlow, where he was baptized i May, 1725. Rector of Ribbesford with Bewdley, co. Worcester, 1765. Died 20 May, 1795.
1795 June 3. Edward Baugh, B A , Balliol College, Oxford, son of the preceding Rector. Baptized at Neen 7 January 1758. Died 14 Nov.. 1813. aged 55. M.I.
1814 Apr. 15. John Chambers, MA. and Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. Formerly Rector of Spernall, co. Warwick. Son of Thomas Chambers of Spernall, where he was born. 1753.
1836 Sept. 21. Thomas Power Hardwicke, D. I), and Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. Vice-Provost of Worcester College, 1 83 1. Son of Samuel Hardwicke of Worcester, where he was born, 1781. Died 20 February. 1855. M.I.
1855 Joseph Baker. MA. and Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford. Son of Joseph Baker of Presteign. co. Radnor, where he was born, 1817. Died 21 October, 1893 Buried at Milson.
1894 Mar. 30. Arthur Henry Gorton, M.A., Worcester College, Oxford. Formerly Vicar of Denchworth, co. Berks., 1886. Son of the Rev. John Gorton. Born at Secunderabad, East Indies. 1851. Died 5 July, 1900. M.I
1900 Dec. 20. Ebenezer Josiah Newell, M.A., Worcester College Oxford. Son of Charles Wilks Newell. Born at Southwark. co. Surrey, 1853
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