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List of Incumbents

Taken from Fletcher, W.G.D. (ed) (1920) Shropshire Parish Registers, Diocese of Hereford vol. XVII, Shropshire Parish Register Society - and updated

Year Incumbent
It should be noted that until 1500 all the Vicars were appointed by the Abbot and Convent of Wigmore:
1306 March 21. John de Stepleton, acolyte.
1320 Dec. 18. Roger de la Sete, priest.
1349 Oct. 26 Walter de Mittleton, priest.
1361 Dec. 21 Stephen Derling, priest.
1415 June 2. Sir John Silygrove, resigned 141 7. Was Vicar of Kinlet i Feb., 141 7—18, and again 7 Oct., 1424, and of Cleobury Mortimer 12 Oct., 1425-
1417-18 March 11 Sir Richard Blude, chaplain, resigned 1421.
1421 April 14.. Sir John Yonge, resigned 1421. Was Vicar of Higley ; of Stoke St. Milburgh, 23 Nov., 1390 ; and of Bokenhull, 23 May, 1420, which he resigned for Neen Savage.
1421-22 Feb. 11 Sir William Bockely, chaplain ; died 1422.
1422-23 Mar. 6.Sir John Cockes, chaplain.
1428 Sept. 11. Sir Walter Thykpeny, chaplain.
1431-32 Feb. ult. Sir Ralph Boteler, chaplain.
14.. Sir William Rewys (or Reux), resigned 1458. Vicar of Neen Sollars, 1458.
1458 Dec. 12. Sir Hugh Webbe.
1467 May 22.Master Adam Smale, alias Longerodis, priest, resigned 1467. Vicar of Wheathill, 1467, resigned 1468.
1467 July 14. Sir Richard Marfettes, priest.
1478-79 Jan. 4. Sir Richard Rosse, priest, resigned 1529. His successor to pay him a pension of 3 6s. The Vicarage was sequestered 30 Dec, 1 5 14, because of the negligence of the Vicars.
1529 Nov. 16. Sir John Haghmonde (or Haymond), priest, presented by William Adams of Cleeton, grantee of Wigmore. Named in the Valor of 1534-5 as Vicar, his preferment being worth 4 6s. 6d. net. Resigned 1535. Was Vicar of Stottesden.
1535 Dec. 9. Sir Thomas Grove, priest, presented by Thomas Haymonde and John Bishopp, grantees of Wigmore.
1575 Dec. 13. Thomas Wynne, presented by grantee of Wigmore. Ordained priest by Richard, Bishop of Gloucester. Occurs 1575 and 1587. Buried at Neen Savage 4 February, 1644-45.
1653 Richard Good. Subscribed 40s. in 1662 to the Free and Voluntary Present to the King's Majesty. Buried at Neen Savage 4 February, 1708-9.
1709 William Edwards, Vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, was "put in the Sequestration as Vicar." Buried at Cleobury Mortimer 19 February, 1738
1711 Aug. I. Francis Astrey, M.A., and Fellow of Merton College, Oxford, presented by the Queen. Born at Oxford, 1686. His wife Elizabeth was buried here 5 February, 1729-30.
1754 May 24. Thomas Howard, M.A., presented by the King. Fie married on 30 Oct., 1760, Ann Bodenham of Ribsford.
1778 Nov. 21. Miles Cooper, D.C.L. Queen's College, Oxford, son of William Cooper ; born at Milium'. Cumberland, 1736. One of the Ministers of the Episcopal Church, Edinburgh ; rector of Sulhampsted, Berks., and of Cowley, Gloucester. Died at Edinburgh 20 May, 1785, buried at Restalrig. A writer in the Gentleman's Magazine says that Dr. Miles Cowper's "library sold for 5, and the liquors in his cellar for 150." [Gent. Mag. 1785 pages 406, 681.) ^'
1786 July 9. Edward Blakeway, M.A. and Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge, presented by the Lord Chancellor. Son of Peter Blakeway, surgeon. Educated at Shrewsbury School. Mayor of Shrewsbury, 1793. Vicar of St Mary's, Shrewsbury. Oct. 1763, until March. 1794- Vicar of Long Stanton, Cambridge, 1 764-1 779. Rector of Filton, Gloucester,' 1779. Died 17 February, and buried 21 February, 1795, at Withington.
1795 April 4. John Brickdale Blakeway, M.A., Oriel College, Oxford. Nephew of the preceding Vicar. Son of Joshua Blakeway, draper ; born 23 June, and baptized at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, 3 September, 1765. Educated at Shrewsbury School. Barrister-at-Iaw of Lincoln's Inn, 1789. Vicar of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury, 8 March, 1794. Vicar of Fitton alias Whitchurch, Somerset, 1795- 1816. Vicar of Kinlet, 1800-1816. F.S.A., 1807. A distinguished antiquary, and joint author (with Archdeacon Owen) of the History of Shrewsbury. His MSS. are mainly preserved in the Bodleian Library. He died at the Council House, Shrewsbury, on 10 March, 1826, and was buried at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury.
1826 Aug. 26. Hon. James Somers Cocks, M.A., Brasenose College, Oxford. Third son of the first Earl Somers ; born 9 Jan., 1790. Resigned 1843. Prebendary of Hereford, 1824, and Canon of Worcester, 1830. Died 5 July, 1856. Monument in Worcester Cathedral.
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