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List of Incumbents

Taken from Fletcher, W.G.D. (ed) (1920) Shropshire Parish Registers, Diocese of Hereford vol. XVII, Shropshire Parish Register Society - and updated

Year Incumbent
1288William Philipp, presented by the Abbot and Convent of Wigmore ; became a Monk at Haughmond. Perhaps the Wiilelmus de Kinlet who was ordained acolyte in 1278.
1296John de Menstreworth.
1312Richard Judas, de Turpleton.
1315William le Carboner, suspended for illiteracy, disease and defective eyesight, in 1320, when John do Undele was appointed coadjutor by the Bishop.
1331Sir John Upintoune.
1343Philip le Porter.
1349Sir John Halpeny, of Shrewsbury.
1374Richard Breohull, late Vicar of Wolverly.
1388Sir John Purselowe, late Vicar of Cajmham.
1399Sir John Mersche (or Marsh).
1405Sir William Sharp, late Rector of Cleobury North.
1417Sir John Sylygrove.
1424Ralph Boteler.
1446Sir William Webbe.
1477Sir Hugh Webbe.
14Sir John Tyler.
1486Sir William Spencer.
1509Sir Thomas Mason, buried at Wenlock, 1543.
1543Sir Alan Clyp, had been a Monk of Wenlock, presented by Lady Catherine Blount and Richard Lacon, grantees of Wigmore.
1557Sir William Helene.
1562Sir George Longmore.
1576Sir David Meyrick.
1578Thomas Bente.
The lists of Vicars of Kinlet in the Bishop's Register is missing from 1578, Thomas Bente, to Thomas Bird, 1682, but from other sources we find Thomas Kent, 1617 to 1633, and Christopher Stocke, 1661, presented by Sir William Childe and resigned 1679.
In 1646, during the Commonwealth, Kinlet was placed in the 3rd Presbytery of Shropshire.
16Thomas Kent, between 161 7 and 1631.
1631John Bent, presented by Joyce Blent (or Bent), widow.
1657Thomas Bearcroft.
1661Christopher Stocke, presented by Sir William Childe ; resigned 1679, Perhaps B.A. St. Mary Hall, Oxford.
1681Thomas Bird, B.A. probably of All Souls' College, presented by Sir William Childe ; married 1683, Felicia, daughter of Rowland Nicholls, Esq. ; buried at Kinlet nth January, 1689-90.
1690John Lambe, M.A. of St. Edmund Plall, Oxford (his mother was a daughter of Sir William Childe), presented by his uncle Thomas Childe. Born at Dilwyn, Co. Hereford, 1664. son of Wiilliam Lambe.
1696Robert Phillips, D.D. Educated at Shrewsbury School and Christ Church, Oxford ; M.A. 1693 ; D.D. 1709. Was appointed Vicar of Kinlet 1696, and of Linley 1696, and of Fownhope 1697. Head Master of Shrewsbury School 1727, until 1735. pie married firstly Margaret Corbet, who is buried 1705 in the Chancel of Ivinlet Church ; secondly, Sarah 2nd daughter of Sir Edward Acton of Aldenham and widow of Thomas Childe, Esq. of the Birch, Kinlet. He was son of James Phillips of Frankwell, Shrewsbury, and was baptized at St. Chad's, nth September, 1670. He died nth October, and was buried at St. Mary's, 14th October, 1735. In 1 71 7 he had been appointed Official of St. Mary's. The Bells were rehung by Rudhall during his Vicariate.
1735Robert Watkins, M.A., presented by William Lacon Childe, Esq. ; Chaplain to Earl Stanhope ; probably born at Kentchurch, Co. Hereford, 1705, and of Balliol College, Oxford.
1781Edward Northey, also Vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, presented to both livings by his College friend William (Baldwyn) Childe of Kinlet. Second son but eventual heir of William Northey, Esq., M.P. of Woodcote, Surrey. He probably rebuilt the Vicarage. Born 1754 ; married 1794, Charlotte sister of Sir Herbert Tajdor. He resigned both livings in 1800, retired to his estates in Surrey, and died 1828.
1800 to 1816John Brickdale Blakeway, the son of Joshua Blakeway of Shrewsbury and his wife Elizabeth Brickdale. Born at Shrewsbury, June 23rd, and baptized at St. Mary's, September 3rd, 1765. M.A., Oriel College, Oxford. Barrister at Law, Lincoln's Inn, 1780. Vicar of St. Mary's, 1769-1826. Vicar of Neen Savage, 1795, of Felton, Somerset, and Kinlet, from i8oo to 1816. Author of the "Sheriffs of Shropshire " " History of Shrewsbury" (in conjunction with Archdeacon Owen), the " History of the Liberties of Shrewsbury," and various parochial notes concerning Shropshire now in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. He was also F.S. A. He married 1797, Mary Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Wilkinson of Amsterdam, who died and is buried at St. Mary's, 1852. He died at the Council House, March nth, 1826, and was buried at St. Mary's, Shrewsbury.
1816 to 1836William Otter, fourth son of the Rev. Edward Otter, Incumbent of Bolsover and Cuckncy ; born at Cuckney, 23rd October, 1768. D.D., Fellow and Tutor of Jesus' College, Cambridge, and 4th Wrangler, 1790. Rector of Colmworth, Co. Bedford, 1804. Master of Helston Grammar School, 1791-1796. Rector of Sturmer, Essex, 1810. Rector of Chetwynd, Salop, i8n. Vicar of Maxtoke, Co. Warwick, and of Alrewas, Co. Stafford, 1811. Vicar of Kinlet, 181 7 to 1836. Vicar of St. Mark's, Kennington, 1825. First Principal of King's College, London, 1831. Bishop of Chichester, 1st October, 1836. Died at Broadstairs, Co. Kent, 20th August, and was buried in the Cathedral at Chichester, 28th, 1840, M.I. there. His was " A life devoted to the cause of the education of the poor" Author of an Assize Sermon preached at Shrewsbury, 1820, on " Reasons for continuing the Education of the Poor at the Present Crisis " : " Life and Remains of Edward Daniel Clarke, LL.D.," the Traveller, 1824 ; Memoir of Malthus, 1836. He married at Leatherhead, Co. Surrey, 3rd July 1804 Nancy Sadleir, daughter and co-heiress of William Bruere, of Ashted, Co. Surrey, sometime Chief Secretary of Bengal. His wife died at Effingham, Co. Surrey, 12th March, i860, and was there buried. They had issue 3 sons and 5 daughters :—-William Bruere Otter, who succeeded as Vicar of Kinlet ; Alfred William Otter, who .settled in Canada ; Reginald William Ongley Otter, who died unmarried in 1862 ; Sophia Marian Frances, married in 1836 to the Rev. Henry Malthus, Vicar of Effingham ; Caroline Charlotte, married in 1833 to the first Lord Romilly, Master of the Rolls ; Jaquiline Elizabeth, married in 1836 to Alexander Trotter ; Maria, married in 1846 to Lord Justice James ; and Emily Harriet, married in 1837 to the first Lord Belper, Chief Commissioner of Railways and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. To the end of their lives they said there was no place like Kinlet, and " the Glory hole " in the Attics, from which they could gaze on the Park. Gilbert Elliott, who was Curate to Bishop Otter 1823 to 1826, afterwards became Dean of Bristol, (cf. Le Neve's Fasti, Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, Worthies of Sussex, pp. 231-2, Dictionary of National Biography, XLIL, 340, Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, N.S., III. 304).
1836 to 1839William Bruere Otter, eldest son of the former Vicar. M.A., St. Peter's College, Cambridge. Incumbent of Horsehouse and Coverham, Yorkshire, 1830. Vicar of Eyworth, Co. Bedford, 1832. Vicar of Kinlet, 21st January, 1837 ; resigned 1839. Vicar of Cowfold, Sussex, 1839. Archdeacon of Lewes, 18—. Prebendary of Somerley, 23rd August, 1850. He was born 28th Ma3^ 1805. Died at Cowfold 25th June, 1876, and was there buried, M.I. He married at the Hague in Holland, i8th May, 1837, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Melvil, sometime Consul at Amsterdam, and had issue 4 sons and 5 daughters, (c/. Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, Le Neve's Fasti.)
1839 to 1846George William Murray, son of Charles Murray of St. Andrew's parish, London. Born in London, 1806. M.A., Merton College, Oxford. Vicar of Kinlet, 1839-1846. Rector of Handsworth, 1848-1861, Rural Dean, and Proctor in Convocation for the Diocese of Lichfield. Vicar of Bromsgrove, 1861-1882. Hon. Canon of Worcester, 1873. Died 26th July, 1887, and was buried at Handsworth. He married Mary Ann daughter of Major Gen. Sir Wm. Douglas, K.C.B. 1846 to 1890.—Edward George Baldwjm Childe, of Kyre Park, Co. Worcester, J. P. for Cos. of Salop, Worcester, and Hereford. Son of William Lacon Childe, Esq., of Kinlet and Kyre. Born 23rd December, 1818. Educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. Vicar of Kinlet 1846, and and of Cleobury Mortimer 1847 to 1890, and Prebendary of Hereford. Built the present Vicarage, owing to the damp state of the one built by Northey. Married 23rd April, 1862, Frances Christina, daughter of Sir Baldwin Leighton, 7th Baronet of Loton, and M.P. He died 22nd February, 1898, at Kyre Park, to which estate he succeeded in 1880.
1890 to 1913Joshua John Case, of Queen's College, Birmingham. Resigned 1913. Living (1916) at Boveysand Lodge, near Plymouth.
1913James Payton, M.A., St. John's College, Cambridge. Chaplain R.N. 1873-1890. Rector of Hopton Wafers, 1890-1913. Vicar of Kinlet, Rural Dean of Stottesdon, and Prebendary of Hereford.
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