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List of Incumbents

Year Incumbent
1279 William de Bray, presented by Wigmore Abbey
1289 William de Martone
1297 Roger Dun, presented by Roger Mortimer of Chirk
1322 William de Schenestone, appointed after a dispute with de Mortone.
1329 Philip de la More, presented by the Bishop of Heretord.
1330 Hugh de Neenton, by exchange with de la More.
1349 John de Orleton, presented by Wigmore Abbey. Usually, when an Abbey had the advowson, it retained the Rectorial rights and tithes, and the incumbent had the lesser tithe and was known as Vicar, for example, this happened in Cleobury Mortimer. Here, for some reason the incumbent remained Rector.
In the same year Elias Musard was appointed, but removed the following year for absence without leave.
1350 Richard de Birches
1362 Gilbert Augner who exchanged with the Rector of Wheathill, John de la Owene in 1374
1374 John Body of Mamble took over after and exchange with de la Owene.
1390 ? Richard Bakere.
1391 John de Prowde
1399 William de Cheyney
1400 Richard Doddington
1404 John Hopton was presented but never instituted, John Adams became Rector
1413 John Berkeley
1420 John Bolgard.
1421 John Yonge.
1434 Walter Phelipes. (Note that in the Middle Ages all incumbents had the courtesy title of'Sir')He was followed by John Vyrre at a date uncertain.
1451 Richard Mortymer, presented by Sir Hugh Mortymer.
In the next 50 years only one incumbent is known He was William Sprot, who died in 1509
1509 John Powntney. presented by Wigmore Abbey, the last before Dissolution.
1540 John Hey. presented by King Henry VIII
1558 Edward Churchman, presented by Humphrey Hyde, Lord of the Manor
1603 Lucas Wheeler, presented by Humphrey Hyde Wheeler was in trouble with Archbishop Laud for not having preached for several years, nor taken the statutory services.. The date of his resignation or death is uncertain. He was succeeded by John Wheeler, possibly his son.
1383 John Taylor, presented by Charles Boughton
1691 Edward Boughton, was presented by Richard Hyde.
1739 John Hughes, presented by Mary Hyde.
1743 Robert Edwards, presented by his kinswoman, Mary Hyde.
1783 Edward Whitehurst, presented by Thomas Whitehurst of Chirk.
1793 Nathaniel Cotton, presented by Joseph Cotton of Layton, Essex.
1806 Thomas Bowdler, presented by his father-in-law, John Cotton
Bowdler held several livings in plurality & was seldom in Hopton.
1820 Charles Walcot, presented by Thomas Botfield.
1834 Thomas Woodward, (fonnerly Curate and nephew by marriage of Thomas Botfield)
1854 Alexander Woodward, brother of Thomas, presented by Beriah Botfield.
1861 Samuel Woodward, nephew of Alexander, presented by Beriah Botfield.
1888 Samuel became Lord of the Manor of Hopton, and appointed Hugh de Burgh Sidley as curate in charge.
1890 James Payton, presented by Captain Woodward. (He had been Woodward's Chaplain). In 1898 Hopton and Doddington livings were combined. He was appointed Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral.
1913 Frederick George Wright
1916 George Hoyle
1929 William F. Taylor
1934 F.Peers (until 1949)
1951 R.C. Williams
1952 Leslie C. Perfect, Vicar of Cleobury was priest-in-charge. In 1953 the livings were combined, so Mr Perfect became Rector.
1960 John Ashton
1966 Colin.M. Oldroyd, Prebendary of Hereford
1979 Robert A Horsfield, also Prebendary of Hereford
2001 J. Andrew  C. Sewell
2003 W. Ashley Buck

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