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(William) Ashley BUCK - Rector

Our Rector was born in Bridgnorth in 1961.So many of his family were Welsh and so much of his childhood was spent there that his answer to the rugby test is still red and lots of men called Jones.

He went first to Highley School where his father for many years was headmaster, and his mother also taught.  In order to avoid any appearance of favouritism, he was automatically blamed for anything that went wrong anywhere near him and this training has stood him in good stead throughout his ministry.  He then went on from Bridgnorth Endowed School to Manchester University to study history, arriving in a post industrial city in the teeth of a savage recession and with a youth culture of post-punk nihilism.  He loved it.  While on the top of a bus there the idea of priesthood came into his mind and wouldn’t go away.  After selection for ordination, the theological college at Cuddesdon was full so Ashley got a job with a church in the middle of Paris working with Anglophone young people.  It was hard but rewarding work - and someone had to do it.  In contrast he hated his time at college, but stuck it out because eventually some good and bright people taught him theology at Oxford, and- because parish placements in Kirkby on Merseyside, and the as yet ungentrified Rotherhithe, taught him that - for him personally - parish ministry is the only game in town.

This parish ministry has been lived out in Addington in Southwark Diocese amidst ‘sixties housing estates and with five dead Archbishops of Canterbury in the churchyard; at St Peter’s Eaton Square, five minutes from Victoria Station in a parish of dukes and down-and-outs; and then back to Hereford Diocese, to Wenlock Team Ministry, where in due course he became Rural Dean of Condover.

Seven years ago he escaped with his family here to Cleobury.  His wife teaches Classics and they have three teenage children.  shley is convinced this is the right place to be: it is after all the very string of parishes through which he cycled on the day after he finished his ‘O Levels’, wondering what adult life would have in store, and convinced that somehow, in some way, it had to be about service.  The conviction very much remains, along with the belief that the service has to be shaped around sharing the love and compassion of God in this place.

The Rectory, The Hurst, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster DY14 8EG
Tel: (01299) 270264

Mark DABORN - Rector of the Stottesdon group of parishes

Born in 1955, Mark was educated at Magdalene College Cambridge. A member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Mark was for many years the headmaster of Moffats school in Kinlet.

He underwent the West of England Ministerial Training Course and was ordained deacon in 2005.  He was ordained priest in 2006 and served as a non-stipendiary minister in the Benefice. Mark is now Rector of the Stottesdon group of parishes, but still maintains his links with the Benefice and continues to help out.

The Rectory, Stottesdon, Kidderminster DY14 8UE
Tel: (07857) 514909

David EVE

David was born in 1945 and trained at King's College London and St Augustine's College Canterbury.  He was ordained deacon in 1975 and ordained priest the following year.  David has spent all his time in the West Midlands, starting out as curate at the Church of the Ascension (Diocese of Birmingham) where he remained for several years after ordination, then as team vicar at Kings Norton from 1979-84 and as vicar at Rowley Regis until 1993.  Before coming to live in Cleobury Mortimer, David was a non-stipendiary minister at Hallow and Grimley w Holt (Diocese of Worcester).

14 Orchard End, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster DY14 8BA
Tel: (01299) 270510

Richard MUTTER

Richard was born in Worcester in 1973, he went to school in Worcester before he left to study physics at university. Following graduation, he worked for a number of consultancy firms in London, before going freelance in 2004.

Richard left consultancy in 2011, and after a very brief period of teacher training, he started theological training at Ripon College Cuddesdon in 2012. Richard was ordained Deacon in 2014 and Priest in 2015 and is currently an assistant curate-in-training.

Richard and Collette have four children, James, Henry, George and Alice, who can usually be found being loud somewhere. Richard enjoys cricket, although a staggering level of incompetence has blighted his playing career to date.

Richard also used to play rugby regularly until various parts starting wearing out and breaking, and he retired from international rugby in 2005.

In addition to the training offered by the Diocese, Richard is also hoping to study for an MA in Theology, and in rare, quiet moments, can be found reading books on philosophy and theology.

Glebe House, 5 New Road Gardens, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster DY14 8AW
Tel: (07791) 491239


Justin was born in Bewdley in 1971 and has lived in Cleobury Mortimer for the last 12 years.

He was educated in the Bewdley schools and then read law at Reading University, qualifying as a solicitor and then as a Notary Public. Justin is a partner in a local firm of solicitors, where he has worked since 1994.

Justin trained for ministry, part time and over 5 years, first on the West of England Ministerial Training Course and latterly at Ripon College Cuddesdon and was ordained Deacon in 2012 and Priest in 2013, serving as a Non Stipendiary Minister in the benefice since ordination.

Justin is married to Amanda and they have two daughters, Anna and Ruth, who keep them busy and filled with laughter.

Justin is a keen musician, having conducted a local Male Voice Choir for 20 year, and a lover of the beauty of fine words, ritual and ceremonial.

He is very fond of the post-modern poets and all can expect to hear his preaching liberally sprinkled with the wisdom of Betjeman!

6 Orchard End, Cleobury Mortimer, Kidderminster DY14 8BA
Tel: (01299) 270603

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