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List of Incumbents

Taken from Fletcher, W.G.D. (ed) (1909) Shropshire Parish Registers, Diocese of Hereford vol. IX, Shropshire Parish Register Society - and updated

Year Incumbent
1320John dictus Scheremon of Ludlow.
1348Richard . . .
1349*Sir William de Curdewall, also chaplain to the Chantry of St. Nicholas.
1362Roger Mey.
1366William Hunte.
1371Alan de la Vise (8th Aug., 139 1, John Bp. of Hereford held his third sitting against W. Swinderby in the Church of Cleobury Mortimer).
1399Sir Hugh Cheyney.
1407Sir William de Egginton.
1418Richard Wellinton.
1425Sir John Sullygrove.
1431Sir Wilham Whytehere.
1442Sir John Lowe. Cleobury Mortimer Registers. ix
1442Master William Langwys (had a pension of 5 marks out of the benefice).
1462John Sandy.
1479*Sir John Tailour, chaplain or deacon of St. Nicholas chantry.
1524William Bradok.
1551*Sir Edward Troye, appointed by Henry VIII. to the Deaconry of St. Nicholas.
1572William Taylor.
1587William Marston, the first vicar who kept the Register. Buried at Cleobury Mortimer 1624.
1625John Barker, ejected for loyalty. A new presentation by the King in 1633.
A gap of eleven years in the Parish Register.
1648John Maiden. Buried at Cleobury Mortimer 1656.
1656Robert Goodwin. Buried at Cleobury Mortimer, 30th August, i6gi. This vicar has left a book of private memoranda, including copies of letters and tithe accounts. He took as pupils the sons of neighbouring gentlemen.
1691William Edwards, designated " curate " till 1699. Buried in the chancel of Cleobury Mortimer Church, February, 1738, aged 77.
1738John Attwood. Buried in Cleobury Mortimer Church, July, 1769, aged 60. His son John Attwood was for many years his curate.
1769Edward Harries, resigned 1779, succeeded to the Cruckton estate, and died 1812.
1779Edward Northey, Vicar of Kinlet and Cleobury Mortimer, Canon of Windsor. Succeeded to Woodcote family estate, co. Surrey, in 1826 and died 1828.
1800*George Moultrie. Buried in the chancel, Cleobury Mortimer. Died 1845, aged 73. Added considerably to the vicarage. His son (Rector of Rugby) was the author of " My Brother's Grave " (Cleobury Mortimer Church) and other poems.
1845George William Murray, Vicar of Kinlet and Cleobury Mortimer, Hon. Canon of Worcester; Rector of Handsworth, 1848-1861 ; Vicar of Bromsgrove, 1861-1882. Died 26th July, 1887.
1846*Edward George Baldwyn Childe, Vicar of Kinlet and Cleobur}' Mortimer, Prebendary of Hereford. Succeeded his father (Mr. Childe of Kinlet and Kyre) to the Kyre estates, Worcestershire, in 1880, and died at Kyre, February, 1898, aged 79.
1892George Domvile Chetwynde Wheeler
1897*Samuel Forbes Frederick Auchmuty AKC
1917*Percy Malden BA (Rural Dean of Stottesdon 1932-38)
1939*Leigh Simpson MA (Rural Dean of Stottesdon 1941)
1946*Ronald Manford MA
1951*Leslie Perfect MA
1960*John Ashton TD
1966*Colin M Oldroyd MA (Rural Dean of Ludlow 1977)
1979*Robert A Horsfield MA
2001J Andrew C Sewell
2003 W Ashley Buck MA
  *Chaplains of the Perpetual chantry of St Nicholas in the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Cleobury Mortimer founded by Ed. de Mortimer. The first layman appointed to this office by the Crown was apparently one John Cooke, in 1596. Hence, perhaps, the present curious title "Lay Deacon"

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