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Holy Days

Holy days in the church of England are categorized as Principal Feasts, Principal Holy Days, Festivals, Lesser Festivals or Commemorations.

For a complete list of the fixed days for each month, with details of the men, women and events remembered in the lesser festivals and local commemorations, click on the relevant month in the table below.  For the principal feasts, principal holy days and festivals, follow the relevant link.

In the following lists, the links are to entries in Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia on the Internet.  Wikipedia entries are populated by volunteers and are not necessarily authoritative, or even accurate.  However, they can be a useful source of further information for those interested.

Principal Feasts

Principal Feasts are significant days in the calendar of the Church and their observance is considered obligatory

Principal Holy Days

Principal Holy days are similar to Principal Feasts, but without the same festive character. 


Festivals are less significant than the Principal Feasts and Holy Days, but each is provided with its own collect in Common Worship and an indication of liturgical colour.  The collects can be found on the Church of England website, here

Movable festivals

Lesser Festivals

Lesser Festivals always occur on a fixed date, unless they fall on a Sunday, or in Holy Week or Easter week, in which case they are not observed.  Like Festivals (above) they are provided with a collect in Common Worship (see website, here) and an indication of colour to be used. 

For a list of Lesser Festivals, click the appropriate month in the table at the top of the page.


Commemorations are the least significant type of observance and, like Lesser Festivals, they are not celebrated if they fall on a Sunday, or in Holy Week or Easter week.  They are not provided with collects and there is no associated liturgical colour.  If local pastoral conditions suggest, they can be celebrated as a Lesser Festival.  For a list of Commemorations, see the relevant month in the table at the top of the page.

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