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Letter from the Rector – April 2016

“Today is the day of salvation for the world…Christ is risen from the dead: arise with him. Christ returns to himself, you must also return to him. Christ has come forth from the tomb – free yourselves from the fetters of evil. The gates of Hell are opened and the power of death is destroyed. The old Adam is superseded, the new perfected. In Christ a new creation is coming to birth – renew yourselves.”

Thus wrote the hugely influential Gregory of Nazianzen of Easter, in the Fourth Century after Jesus.

In the mystery and wonder of Easter we celebrate (as we do at every Eucharist) the glory of our redemption by Christ, and its power to change our lives and destinies for ever. This is a thing not easily explained in words and probably not fully susceptible to human understanding but there are things we can know about it and rejoice in.

We know that the victory of Easter stems from God’s love; a love so great that his very being spilled over into our fallen human nature so that Christ was both God and man. We know that our nature was restored in him to its intended destiny, so that we might become what we were intended to be. We know that although all perfection was in Christ, he offered himself for us, that we might be raised out of imperfection, healed of our separation from God. We know that in this act of sacrifice Christ both offers and accepts himself and by this double action, carries us into the heart of the Holy Trinity itself, the glory that the Father gives to the Son, the Son gives to us by grace. Reason for celebration indeed!

Happy Easter, Christ is Risen!!


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