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Letter from the Rector – September 2015

As I write the machines are passing back and forth in our fields bringing in the harvest, always a moment of tension in the farming year. It has been wet and so far the work, always hard, has been more difficult because of it. So often we can believe that we can control our lives, harvest proves that this is not really so. Not only is the weather variable but so often equipment that is only used once a year is got out of the barn and then promptly breaks down!

In many parts of the world harvest is even more complicated as issues of war, state collapse, climate change and the consequent movements of population threaten the supply of food. Nevertheless, God is good and his bounty is abundant, and so thinking of all these things we come together to celebrate harvest in our churches, and details of these services are widely publicised. I would like to highlight one in particular, and that is our 11.00 service at St Mary’s in Cleobury on the 4th of October. This is a non-eucharistic service, very open to families and newcomers, which will be followed by a brunch. It is very pleasing that it happens to fall on the 4th, since this happens to be St Francis’ day, and Francis is one of the great Christian figures most attuned to the natural world and the way in which its beauty and goodness reflect the nature of God and his love.

This 11.00 service is going to be a fixture on the first Sunday from now on, and we hope that it will provide a worshipping focus for the growing work that we are doing with young families, accessible, attractive, and challenging. Come and join in!
To end with some words from Francis himself: ‘Be praised, my Lord, through our sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and cares for us, producing her many fruits, her colourful flowers, and the grain”


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