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Letter from the Rector – April 2012

At Easter we remember simply that Christ died for us, and rising again, restored our lives.

We describe this as a sacrifice, but what kind of sacrifice is it?

It is not a sacrifice to a vengeful God, because Jesus is both victim and priest, and the Father is united to him, as the Holy Spirit is united to him, all in a relationship of love which the Greek fathers of the Church described as being like a dance – I think you have to remember that they were thinking of the kind of dance where people join hands and form circles as they move together united by the rhythms of the music, which you still see at village weddings in Greece.

Jesus’ offering of himself on the cross is a sacrifice of praise, of sanctification, of restoration, by which he offers the whole of creation to the Father, so that the Father may bring it to life in the Holy Spirit. It is a real Passover, in that through it creation passes over into the Kingdom of Life. One of us in his being and by love, Jesus took on himself all the hatred, derision and despair – ‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me….’ – all the murders, suicides, all the tortures, all the agonies of all humanity throughout all time and all space.

In all this, Jesus bled and suffered as a human being, and was trustful in a human way as well; ‘Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.’

At that moment death is swallowed up in life, the abyss of hatred is lost in the endless depths of love. A few drops of blood falling into the earth as into an immense chalice, have renewed the whole universe.

Happy Easter


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