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Letter from the Rector – April 2016

“Today is the day of salvation for the world…Christ is risen from the dead: arise with him. Christ returns to himself, you must also return to him. Christ has come forth from the tomb – free yourselves from the fetters of evil. The gates of Hell are opened and the power of death is destroyed. The old Adam is superseded, the new perfected. In Christ a new creation is coming to birth – renew yourselves.” (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – April 2016

It was the former Bishop of Ludlow, John Saxbee, who I first heard describe a Deanery Synod as a group of Anglicans waiting to go home.

Those of us who have attended our share of such meetings can, I think, be forgiven for understanding such a definition, and might want to extend it to Diocesan Synod as well. (more…)