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Letter from the Rector – February 2016

In spite of the excitement of our extra day this leap year, February remains a short month. And yet in terms of the calendar of the Church it is an important moment of transition, of balance between the great Christian themes.

It opens with the underemphasised feast of Candlemas, known variously as that and the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and probably most properly as The Presentation of Christ in the Temple on the 2nd February. The episode upon which it is centred is the passage in Luke 2: 22 – 38, (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – February 2016

This time last year, I wrote some of my first impressions of the Diocese of Hereford. Here’s an update.

Some impressions remain the same, only more so: what I described as the “heroic, faithful and imaginative Christian ministry being exercised across the diocese, by clergy and laity alike”; the warmth and friendliness which Kay and I experience – I enjoy living and working here more than I would have thought possible, and thank God every day for that privilege. (more…)