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Letter from the Curate – November 2015

For many people this is their very favourite time of the year. For me, once summer is over, I look forward to the crisp, cold winter mornings and
thoughts of making sure that there is enough coal and wood to burn on the fire. In fact, as the temperature dropped recently, we made our first fire of the season and it soon attracted our dogs, drawn to the warmth it gave off. (more…)

Letter from the Dean – November 2015

Remembering our departed loved ones – thoughts for November – the month of ‘remembering’.

When Chaplains returned from the Front in the First World War, they came relating the most terrible experiences. They came also, perplexed that the Church offered them very little official encouragement to pray for those who had died. Relatives and friends of those whose lives had been so cruelly taken away in war desperately needed – in their confusion and perplexity – such re-assurance as prayer could give. (more…)