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Letter from the Rector – March 2015

The month of March is this year, as usual, entirely contained by Lent. Perhaps this is fitting. March is a bridging month, frequently cold, sometimes indeed bringing late coverings of snow to the fields, yet still, the skies may yet be cold, but they are growing light for longer with a quickening pace; and when snow lies, through it snowdrops and daffodils are rising with the brave defiance of early Spring. The ploughed land, dark still, is touched with green life. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – March 2015

Following the Fixed-Term Parliamentary Act 2011 the date of the next general election has been set as Thursday 7th May 2015. Why write about this in a March letter?

This month sees the formal end of the parliamentary session. Perhaps more than ever we need to be attentive to how our nation will be governed in the future. We have come to the end of a hung parliament and indeed are only just emerging from one of the toughest economic periods of austerity in living memory. Issues abound from reducing the national debt to how much we should expect from tax revenues and indeed where public money and priorities should reside. Now is the time to think about hosting events in our parishes and deaneries and indeed asking those standing for election how they will seek to serve the common good. (more…)