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Letter from the Curate – November 2014

As this is my first time writing for Unity magazine, I’d like to start off by taking the opportunity to thank everyone in the benefice for making us feel so much at home here. It has been a busy year, with a new house, new schools and new people but Collette, the four children and I all feel as if we have been really welcomed into the community and we all seem to have settled into Cleobury life very comfortably. The family are even beginning to get used to Dad in a dog collar! (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – November 2014

This month on the 22nd we welcome our new Bishop Richard in what will be a joyous and celebratory service in the Cathedral. The installation and enthronement service is the final step in what is an ancient and many faceted process. Since the announcement back in July Bishop Richard has had to complete his ministry as Bishop of Hull. There has also been the Election of our new Bishop by the Cathedral Chapter and then a subsequent confirmation of Election in London. All is now in place and we
look forward to welcoming his new ministry among us as the 105th Bishop of Hereford. (more…)