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Letter from the Rector – June 2014

Things we can’t see sometimes hold a potent reality for years. Although people knew about smells (and blamed the bad ones for causing diseases!) – they had no concept of air or gases. Sailors and navigators were very aware of the usefulness of the compass from the time of the Vikings, and equally aware of the terrific power and danger in a bolt of lightning, but had no means of making a connection between the two. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – June 2014

Question – what is the only English word with five letters, four of which are silent? Answer – queue. Isn’t English a strange language? I’m always amazed at how well those from other countries master it for, truth to tell, it’s full of pitfalls and traps.

Queuing is a very English pastime, too, isn’t it? One of my earliest memories is of queuing. As a boy, I would trail around after my mother as she did the shopping. A regular was Sainsbury’s – in those days, not a smart supermarket, but an emporium with white marble tops down each side. First you queued for the tea and dried goods – paid for those – and then went to the back of another queue for butter, where ladies in white turbans knocked the butter into shapes with ping-pong bats. You paid for that and then you joined the back of yet another queue – this time for bacon. And so on. A long and time-consuming business was shopping in those days – and you had to be very patient. (more…)