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Letter from the Rector – May 2014

There are lots of traditions which belong to the month of May. May has always been seen as a joyous time welcoming the good weather, the arrival of spring and the emergence of British people blinking and rubbing their eyes and airing their pallid skin in the strengthening sunshine. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – May 2014

May is regularly a busy month. It is almost as if after Easter there is burst of life just like that which occurs in the garden. This May is no exception with the annual visitations and admission to office of our Churchwardens. It is an ancient office that has adapted and changed over the years. Nevertheless, it remains vital to our parish ministry. The obvious duties are those that are legal and practical. Perhaps the less obvious remain the most important; namely the ability those who exercise office have in encouraging mission and ministry, and in being the inspirational gatekeepers and leaders in their local communities. (more…)