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Letter from the Rector – March 2014

Yesterday, halfway through February and after weeks of rain and tales of flood from all over the island, I was driving between Ludlow and Bridgnorth when I saw a bright rainbow hanging like a banner between Clee and Clee.

I have always loved the story of Noah’s flood. It has a archaic moral absolutism about it which hints of its great antiquity. It has parallels from the immediate neighbourhood of the Fertile Crescent, with a parent story from ancient Iraq, and echoes from Greece and China. But I love it most because it ends – with that rainbow – in a promise from God which is given not to an individual, nor a family, nor a nation, nor even to humanity alone, but rather to the whole of creation, to all living things. The promise is a covenant that the Creator will keep faith with creation for all time and for the time beyond time. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – March 2014

As I write the General Synod has just completed its February Group of Session. Overwhelmingly it has voted to move towards agreeing the next stages in the legislative process to allow women to be consecrated to the Episcopate. Many wonder at the rapid transformation from mistrust and party faction to a place where those sincerely holding opposing views believe that they can find a place with integrity within the one church. There are still stages to complete but the degree of trust is remarkable. This is due in a very great measure to the 5 guiding principles set out by the House of Bishops. (Listed Below). The Bishops are clear that the principles need to be read one with the other and held together in tension, rather than being applied selectively. (more…)