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Letter from the Rector – October 2013

I sometimes think of the autumn months as a journey through a landscape towards a glorious and shining place. As the light and warmth of summer fade, shades become more subtle and varied in the natural world, and in the themes of the Christian year great stories fold and coil together. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – October 2013

Choosing a new Bishop

Bishops are in the news at the moment! Last month, we said goodbye to Bishop Anthony and he and Kathy very much continue in our thoughts and prayers. Now the process really begins to find a successor to Bishop Anthony. This month, we welcome to the diocese the two secretaries – Archbishop’s and Prime Minister’s – from London and they will be conducting a whole series of interviews based in Hereford and Ludlow – clergy, support ministers, churchwardens, clergy spouses, leaders of the civic and commercial communities and many more. In this way, we hope that as many people as possible will feel consulted and be enabled to express their own views. (more…)