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Letter from the Rector – Feb 2013

A friend of one of our children shouted today, as I write on a very snowy Friday, ‘Come on out, it’s like Narnia out here…!’ as they went out into the whitened and magical landscape, my mind travelled on its own journey to Narnia as I sat at my desk in the study. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – Feb 2013

I am always pleased when we reach February. It is not that winter is over but as the month progresses the long dark days recede and the promise of spring approaches. There is the hint of better things ahead. February marks a transition from the deadness of winter into and towards the newness of spring. Although variable as to when Easter falls, nevertheless Lent regularly begins in February. This year as Easter is early so much of this month will be taken up into Lent. (more…)