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Letter from the Rector – Dec / Jan 2013

‘Glory to God in the highest and Peace to his People on Earth’ so sang the angels, the heralds of heaven, on the first night Christmas Night.

This past month, as what I thought was the biggest Remembrance Sunday congregation of my time as Rector filed into the church, it occurred to me that as we approach the centenaries of the First World War it is possible that attendances may get bigger yet, and it is certain that the media will focus event by event, battle by battle on the whole course of that extraordinary four years that broke an old world order and reshaped the world that followed for the rest of the last century, in ways that were both evil and good. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – Dec / Jan 2013

What are the chances of a white Christmas? 2010 was. Last year wasn’t. This year? No one can really tell – yet! It’s not just that everything looks so beautiful in the snow, at least to start with (!), but it’s also to do with winter being winter. (more…)