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Letter from the Rector – September 2012

September is a glorious month, at its beginning the countryside is resplendent in its abundance, as the promise of the preceding seasons comes to fulfilment in the harvests of grain and fruit, by its end the trees may be aflame with the colours of Autumn as the land prepares for the onset of the colder and darker part of the year. The poet John Keats personified it as a drowsy season, with perhaps a hint of wistful melancholy in its richness. It is certainly a month when we are aware of the natural world and its changes and rhythms, its beauty and perhaps its vulnerability too. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – September 2012

For many of our churches and villages, this month will include an annual Harvest Festival and Harvest Supper. For the farmers this has not been an easy year, but we trust that there will still be enough gleaned for some celebration. As we all know the weather has proved to be particularly trying with drought in the early months followed by summer rainfall that broke all records. Exactly why we have had such extremes and why the weather has behaved like this is complex. Nevertheless this has signalled and reminded us of the intricate way in which all things are interconnected. Sowing and reaping applies well beyond the seed that is placed in the soil. Actions have consequences and this applies to our ecosystems, environment and relationships. Where we sow to exploitation and greed we are liable to reap devastation and damage. Positively there is a growing awareness to think seriously about our responsibility to act sustainably and this is something to which we as a diocese are giving renewed attention. (more…)