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Letter from the Rector – June 2012

The majority of saints’ days fall on the anniversary of their death. To take a modern example Oscar Romero, the Archbishop of San Salvador who stood up for the poor against a tyrannical government in his country is remembered by the Anglican Communion on the 24th of March, the anniversary of the day in 1980 when he was gunned down by government bully-boys saying Mass in his own cathedral. At the beginning of June we remember a whole group of martyrs in Uganda, (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – June 2012

When I was first ordained, my Training Incumbent always made sure that when he was drawing up the rota for preaching, he put one of the curates down to preach on Trinity Sunday because he didn’t like doing it himself! It seems to me rather a wonderful occasion on which to preach. It’s so full of all the great themes which point to the majesty and grandeur and holiness of God. (more…)