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Letter from the Rector – March 2012

‘What are you giving up for Lent?’ The very words seem to presuppose a negativity about the season. It seems easy to see the beginning of our preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection as a sort of second chance at New Year’s resolutions, and so it may be that chocolates or wine go the way of the flowers that disappear from our churches during March and the rest of the Lenten season. We seek to tweak a part of our lives to remind us of something important, and perhaps by way of a small discomfort associate ourselves with both Jesus’ truly ferocious fasting in the desert and also the sufferings of those who involuntarily hunger through poverty and injustice today. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – March 2012

In the midst of Lent, our minds perhaps associate this season with giving something up. If not properly applied our actions become rather negative. In truth Lenten disciplines find their value as they enable us to positively refocus our service of God and to others.

Dedicated selfless service of others marks out the life and example of Elizabeth our Queen. For a remarkable 60 years she has with unstinting service reigned as Monarch over our commonwealth and nation. The 6th February marked her Accession to the Throne and the 2nd June the Coronation. In response to the declarations and as part of the Coronation oaths our Queen replied in 1952: (more…)