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Letter from the Rector – November 2011

November, with its darkening days, is for Remembrance. Great public remembrances and private but no less remembrances of things and people past are part of a greater whole.

On Remembrance Sunday in Cleobury and in our villages we gather around our memorials in an act of witness that seems to grow stronger and more poignant as the years pass, perhaps because those who fought in the First World War have now gone beyond our sight, and those whom President Clinton called the ‘Great Generation’ who fought the Second, grow ever older. It is interesting and fitting that over the last few years the observance of silence and reflection at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Armistice Day, has returned, perhaps in the consciousness that those to whom we owe so much can only now be honoured in this symbolic way – and in the all important struggle to preserve those freedoms for which they paid so high a price. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – November 2011

One of the benefits of having to drive regularly as part of my Episcopal ministry is that I get the opportunity to listen to the radio. Sometimes the journey and the hour coincide affording me the pleasure of listening to the Today programme and catching up on current affairs. Those of you who listen to that programme will know that topics stretch far and wide from concerns over growing obesity levels, to bankers’ bonuses to environ-mental concerns, to the latest parliamentary concerns or political intrigue. John Humphries and James Naughtie seem to me to be particularly good at asking the penetrating and hard questions of those who come their way. Theirs is the knack of exposing what might be mere rhetoric or political posturing. At the heart of the questioning or debate is a challenge to integrity and right action. In an information saturated age we desire wisdom. (more…)