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Letter from the Rector – October 2011

October is a blustery extrovert sort of month. The weather blows in with vigour to tumble the bright leaves off the trees; in school the winter sports with their contact and courage turn afternoons into excitement and adventure in the cooling days, the first frosts whisper of winter ice. Fires are lit and families drawn together in a mid-point of equilibrium between summer holidays and Christmas. (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – October 2011

Most congregations will have had Harvest Thanksgiving services by now, though I can recall Nick Read daring us, a few years ago, to consider what is the best time of year to celebrate harvest when many in the diocese live surrounded by potatoes and cider apples which are harvested so much later than winter barley or the wool from our sheep. The rich diversity of the land and our farms may make a perfect date for a Harvest service impossible, but that same diversity is itself a cause for celebration and wonder. (more…)