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Letter from the Rector – July 2011

We can say some things for certain about summer, but we cannot, in this country at least, predict the weather. The number of times I have written clergy letters for July and August in good bright weather, looking forward to a warm and sunny time, and they have sat around in people’s houses and churches while outside the rain falls and the winds blow is embarrassing! (more…)

Letter from the Bishop – July 2011

The King’s Speech has proven to be one of the most imaginative and widely acclaimed films of recent times. Among the many themes the film explores is that of true friendship. There is a memorable line where Lionel Logue says to the Duke of York, later to be King George IV: ‘What are friends for.’ And to which comes back the reply; ‘I wouldn’t know.’ What is so telling is the heart felt cry of the Duke. He had money, position wealth, servants, a plethora of advisors and attendees. What he lacked was a friend. (more…)

From the Rector – June 2011

Some thoughts for a month when we celebrate Ascension, Pentecost, and Trinity Sunday

As we move through the year we pass through the Ascension of Jesus to the moment of Pentecost where, we are told, the Spirit of God fully reveals itself. This is the same Spirit who spoke through the prophets and moved over the chaos of the beginning of creation, in terms of modern physics we might describe it as the motive purpose behind the ‘Big Bang’ which spun the galaxies and stars and planets into being at the birth of the cosmos. (more…)

From the Bishop – June 2011

Royal wedding fever may have subsided but wasn’t it a brilliant wedding?  William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, did magnificently.  They were both so obviously extraordinarily happy and in love.  What more can you ask? (more…)