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From the Rector – May 2011

Most of us are aware that the church encourages a long run up to Easter, it is surprising how many people who have little to do with the worship of the church keep Lent as an opportunity to discipline themselves in some way, and perhaps to involve themselves with some sort of charitable cause. (more…)

From the Bishop – May 2011

May is a glorious month as the daylight continues to increase. Hopefully the last vestiges of winter and the potentially chilly winds of spring are past and everywhere abundant life is breaking out.   Of course we can never be completely sure given the vagaries of our weather. However we want ‘April showers to give way to May flowers.’ Down on the river banks to the delight of trout fishermen like me, insects are hatching coaxing the trout to rise with carefree abandon. The May fly season, sometimes known as duffers fortnight, is something all fishermen prize. Abundance, vitality, vibrancy and the promise of more are what we expect and look to enjoy. (more…)