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From the Rector – April 2011

What is Easter really about?  What is the truth behind this story of one who is both God and man suffering and dying, and rising again for his people?  It seems as though elements both mythical and profound coil around the story, provoking sometimes wonder and awe, and sometimes question and doubt int he face of the mystery.  This has been the case since the beginning.   At the end of Matthew’s Gospel, we read that as the disciples encountered the risen Christ on the mountainside in Gallilee ‘… they worshipped him, though some hesitated’. (more…)

From the Bishop – April 2011

A few weeks ago, the Church Army (an Anglican organisation which trains lay evangelists to work in the UK) organized a day in Sheffield focussing on the place of young people in the life of our Church. Both our Archbishops were there, together with twenty or so other bishops and 150 young people, mostly in their early twenties.

The purpose of the Conference was to “explore how the Church of England can better equip, resource, encourage and reach young people to-day”. We spent the day in groups of ten, seven or eight of whom were young people who were simply talking about their views of the church in the light of their experience and aspirations.

One of the impressions that I came away with was that the young people did not want to talk much at all about “youth culture”, but rather about being loved, accepted, encouraged, listened to, taken seriously, affirmed, taught; in fact, all the very things that any 150 people from any age group might want to stress! (more…)