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The flickering flame

To many of us, light is a mystery – scientists tell us that it is both waves and particles.  Whilst I follow the theory, I admit to the mystery, especially when we start the annual power- cut season, and the mystery deepens.

We learn from the opening passage in Genesis that God’s first act after the initial creation was to create light.  Throughout the Bible, the metaphor of light is used again and again.   In the profound meditation of the introduction to the gospel of St John, we think of God as light and Christ himself tells us, “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12).  We are even told by St Paul (Ephesians 5) that we are light and should live as children of light. (more…)

From the Bishop of Hereford – December

“Fear not.”  “Do not be afraid.”  This is part of what the angel said to Mary when he told her that she was going to become the Mother of Jesus.

It is said we are told not to be fearful or afraid 365 times in the Bible.   Some people say it is 366, because God does not forget leap years!   It is an important theme and one which we need to hear every day, which is why it is said so often by Jesus and others. (more…)

Message from the Rector – December

Christmas is like time travel. As we draw near to this most wonderful and special and holy of seasons, as the light s and decorations go up in the shops and streets, as the mornings and afternoons grow ever darker as the year moves towards its turning, so I often feel I am moving back towards my childhood. The mounting expectation of Advent, with its hauntingly rich imagery of music and scripture recalling the centuries-long yearning of a people for their saviour-king seems to draw me back into my own past. The arrival in church of children with tea towels around their heads and tinsel hanging from their wings irresistibly pulls me back to my own star (ahem) performance as first king in Highley school nativity play, and my triumphant landing at the stable on a large wooden aeroplane. (more…)