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From the Rector

‘It was my thirtieth year to heaven…’  Dylan Thomas, Poem in October.

As Christians we probably don’t talk enough about heaven. This is odd when you think about it,because it is somewhere where we hope those whom we love who have died are; and somewhere we hope ourselves to be (like the poet) travelling towards in the course of our lives. Furthermore, we are told that we are going to spend eternity there, which is rather a long time – so heaven does seem to be rather important. (more…)

Changing seasons, changing faces

Change can come wiht excitement about new adventures; it can also come withsadness about old familiar ways, places and much loved people.  The changing seasons remind us that nothing much stays the same, and this has been a big season of change for the Methodist chapels.  In the summer, after a decade serving the area the Methodist minister Rev Pauline Long packed up for pastures new, furtrher west just over the border into God’s own country – Wales (beware of writer’s bias!).  It is taking two women to replace her! (more…)

Letter from Alistair – Bishop of Ludlow

As I write, we are in the midst of unpacking boxes.  In this, my first letter as Bishop of Ludlow, I want on behalf of my family to thank everyone for the warm welcome and the many good wishes and cards.  Moving house is a challenging business.  The process of packing up and then unpacking brings with it a set of cirumstances which disorientate before the whole process of reorientation can begin.  At this precise moment, we are in the middle of it all and it is amazing how difficult it can be to locate things which previously you knew exactly where to find them.  (more…)